Setting up gunbot telegram notifications


Difficulty level - This tutorial is relatively easy as long as you follow every step as DOOM from performs them.


what this tutorial covers:

Keep informed

Contacting a selection of bots on Telegram to find your personal info

The integration relies on 3 unique codes we’ll show you how to create and find.

He’s gonna make you a token you’ll… probably forget because it’s long af.

Create your very own Telegram bot with @botfather

Make sure you’re creative with words. The hardest part of making a botfather bot is finding a bot name that hasn’t been taken yet. The rest is as easy as pizza-pie.

Warm and gui

Inputting that data in the Gunbot GUIĀ 

A simple task, but where many others have failed. If you’ve followed to tutorial up to this point, you’ll be in notification heaven after you click /start.