Difficulty rating =5 Creating a Metamask wallet is as easy as clicking a couple of buttons

what this tutorial covers:

firefox, chromefox, bravefox…edgefox 🤮

Creating a GUNTHY wallet

Step by step instructions for adding the Metamask wallet extension to your favourite browser.

What happens in Metamask stays in Metamask

Securing your seed phrase

I honestly can’t stress this section enough. A well secured seed phrase is the back-bone of any cryptonaught’s security for many reasons. If you were to ever lose this phrase, not only would you have lost access to any crypto in that wallet, there’s also nothing anyone could do to help you – be it Gunthy staff or the MetaMask devs. 
If an attacker obtained that phrase… kiss goodbye to anything in your account. Furthermore – if an attacker obtained that phrase, it would be down to you not storing it properly. MetaMask uses a random 12 word seed so 2048 (words in the wordlist) to the power of 12 (words in an exact sequence) equals 5,444,517,900,000,000,151,076,117,212,307,468,058,624 possible combinations of those words being in the correct order. Wondering how you say that number? Five duodecillion four hundred forty-four undecillion five hundred seventeen decillion nine hundred nonillion one hundred fifty-one sextillion seventy-six quintillion. *breathes* . one hundred seventeen quadrillion two hundred twelve trillion three hundred seven billion four hundred sixty-eight million fifty-eight thousand six hundred twenty-four. Quantum computing might make that number easier to crack in the future, but for now there’s no need to sweat someone brute forcing you.


Add your gunbot fuel

Adding custom tokens to Metamask

We’re not hipsters, but GUNTHY tokens aren’t mainstream. You’ll need to add the free GUNTHY tokens we send to Metamask in order for your bot to work. Luckily, this step is super simple and fast.