Market Maker

Profit from bid-ask spreads the Market Maker way and receive chunky rebates in the process. Who needs more fees?

With Market Maker,

more liquidity = more monetary rebates… and 0% trading fees.


MarketMaker is not for sale… but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on it!
 Like BitRage, access to MarketMaker is governed by the ranking system for Gunbot licence holders. This powerhouse of a bot requires rank 10 or above in order to access

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Our full-time development team sure know their way around playing with orderbooks. They’ve done a great job implementing that knowledge into MarketMaker



Exchanges like BitMex reverse their stance on fees when it comes to providing liquidity to their platform. As a reward, they pay you to trade.

bleeding edge

MarketMaker is the latest in a long list of software we’re working on. It’s eventually been released exclusively for the community.

What is a Market Maker? 

The Exchange

If you want to buy or sell crypto – the first step is to head to an exchange. Here, you’ll bump into other buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency.

The difference between the prices those traders are willing to trade their pairs at depends on the supply and demand for that pair.

In the order book here, we’re looking at XBT-USD on Bitmex. The green and red flashing boxes are buyers and sellers who have just placed an order.


BitMex Orderbook
Bid-Ask spread

The Spread.

The variation between the opposing buyer and seller’s “bid” and “ask” prices is usually referred to as the “spread” amongst traders.



Exchanges can run into big problems without these traders.
Without them trading on their platform, there would be no one to create the spread they need.
To prove they have the best liquidity and a higher volume than their competitors… they need lots of traders using their platform at the same time.
The more orders they made in a 24hr period, the more that exchange appears to have market dominance.
If there aren’t enough traders to buy and sell a listed coin, that’s bad news for them. They risk falling foul of the other exchange’s daily trades, spread and liquidity levels.


Bitcoin Liquidity
Problem SOlving


If a potential customer looked at those stats, there’s a chance they’d use another platform that provides a better chance of buying or selling.

The solution for this problem is easily solved by the exchanges.


This is where we come in.

Much like paying for Google ads to boost your site’s exposure, some exchanges offer cash rebates for helping them boost their numbers.
In return, market makers constantly and consistently make bid and ask spreads that create liquidity on that exchange.
Put in layman’s terms, these traders make markets. Hence the term
“Market Maker”


Arthur Hayes

Catch you on the flip side.

When you attempt to emulate the mind of a market maker, you don’t make trades based on whether the price will rise or fall. You make trades by creating a difference between the bid and ask price… or “the spread”.

Because we place trades on either side of the orderbook, the exchanges can see that we’re taking a risk. This risk is caused by the inevitability that prices can move against us from either side.

In return for that risk exposure, we don’t get a fee. Instead, we take a piece of Arthur’s pie in the form of a monetary rebate.



risk assessment

We’ve got the power of the community and Gunbot’s MarketMaker to manage that risk.

We place 5 orders on either side of the orderbook with a strategic spread.

Gunbot will know when one of the trades has fulfilled and also which direction the market is, statistically, most likely heading.

As soon as it processes this information it sends an API call out to cancel and move those 5 orders previously submitted.

It will then move them up or down the orderbook in a way that correlates to the market direction.

Can you imagine trying to process and execute all that information accurately in a minute, let alone all day without stopping?



With Market Maker, this is just the tip of the iceberg.


There are several variants you can use if you have MarketMaker enabled. Variants like advanced scalping methods, sup/res, Fibbonaci and grid bots amongst others.

The Gunthy Marketplace is there for you too. It’s essentially a cheat code store for configs.

Plug in a ready made config to compete in MarketMaker tournaments where you can earn crypto just for competing!

You can also download custom scripts written from scratch by Gunbot community members like BestNAF who writes and distributes the “Anti Rekt Script” that has some mind-blowing risk management for a risky environment like MarketMaking.