GUNTHY exchange

Trading on the Gunthy exchange is now possible. It was only a matter of time before the world’s greatest crypto bot had somewhere it could call home.

Gunthy Exchange

You didn’t think Gunthy stopped at trading bots, right?

When you gain traction like Gunbot has, it only makes sense that the next logical step is to open your own trading platform. The GUNTHY exchange boasts all the features you’d expect a top platform to have… but that’s not all you’ll get.
We also incorporate a beautiful design, simplicity and ease of use. This is thanks, in part, to its design by the guys over at cTrader!
With many options for your specific style of trading available, the exchange can also accommodate Spot, Futures, and Forex working alongside all the technical indicators you’re familiar with.
It’s also our personal go-to for GUNTHY tokens should you feel the need to try our other software.

Test your trading strategies

We offer all users a free demo account with an virtual $50k USD balance that they can test their trading strategies on, or simply get a feel for the platform.
Create an account in less than a minute and dip your toes before you jump head-first into the GUNTHY exchange.

Gunthy Exchange
Gunthy exchange

Create a trading account
or try our $50k demo

tradingview charting

An exchange is nothing without a great set of technical analysis tools to hone your skills with.

We’ve got you covered. The Gunthy exchange utilises the full might of TradingView’s pro tier tools.

FYI, it’s not only the exchange where you can find Gunthy integrated TradingView tools. This also applies to the new GUI! Keep track of all your trades, perform TA effortlessly, change your config dynamically and so much more.

Gunthy Exchange