Gunbot is an invaluable tool for traders, but in true Gunbot nature… we add even more value to the invaluable.
In 2019, Gunbot’s creator Gunthar DeNiro released GUNTHY. An ERC-20 token that acts as fuel for Gunbot. Without having the minimum amount of GUNTHY your licence type dictates in your linked wallet, the bot will simply not run. Similar to a car with no petrol.
More importantly, GUNTHY tokens add monetary value to your licence. The tokens are free for you to sell on partnered exchanges as a straight swap for BTC, USDT or any other compatible pair. Just remember that the more people utilise Gunbot, the higher the demand for the token and more real-world transactions registered on the blockchain – resulting in a price increase.
You can even set Gunbot up to trade GUNTHY tokens, making your licence stronger


Gunthy doesn’t stop with Gunbot.

Used alone, Gunbot is a formidable piece of software that’s capable of electrifying your trading and elevating it to new heights.


But what if you want more?


By accumulating GUNTHY tokens, your rank within the community rises and allows you access to exclusive software that’s not available to the public.

Software like BitRage – our triangular/quadrangular arbitrage bot which is accessible at level 20 and above.



Let’s not flood the market.



Due to the nature of how BitRage works, releasing it for public sale would be counter-intuitive.

By limiting access to Gunbot licence holders, we avoid saturating the exchanges with bots constantly looking to exploit price anomalies. We prefer to keep this software in the community and only for the community

What to expect


Airdropped on purchase


unlocks exclusive software


Free to trade at any time


Can trade within Gunbot

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