Gunbot automates almost every aspect of your trading

Gunbot v1.0 was first released on the Christmas of 2016 by Gunthar DeNiro.

Shortly after, its popularity has skyrocketed amongst crypto traders and enthusiasts alike.
Those who were seeking to find a way to have automation take over their trading found solace with Gunbot.
So now, when they’re away from their screens, they’re covered.

Needless to say, they found what the were looking for and have never looked back.
Gunbot boasts insane customisation. Strategies. Advanced risk management. AutoConfig. The Gunthy exchange and marketplace, to name but a few.
It’s clear to see why Gunbot’s popularity has soared over the past few years since its release.
Leave Gunbot’s trading algorithms to handle pumps, dumps and bull runs. You sit back and focus on the more important things in life.

We have prepared a special page, never before seen online.

It allows you to view the:

  • Gunbot terminal screen
  • GUI
  • Telegram alerts

…all synced up in one place.

Witness first hand how Gunbot handles itself in the real world.
This page is best viewed on a laptop or PC.

Features –


You wouldn’t leave home without your keys.

In 2021 – online security should be paramount for all web users. In the crypto world, it should be preached like a religion. Last year saw high profile Twitter accounts hacked with a BTC doubling scam. In addition, there was also over a billion USD worth of crypto assets stolen. We understand the times and conditions we live in. That’s why we have made Gunbot as privacy conscious and secure as possible, by offering;  

  • Password protection
  • API key encryption
  • 2FA
  • local hosting
  • hosting on your own secure server
  • licencing to stop people trading with your bot
  • No personal data collection

Unlimited coin pairs

There’s no limit to how many pairs you can put to work.

Take your pick from over 130 exchanges, select your pairs and put them to work. Don’t want to spend your morning checking TA and ticker data? You can let Autoconfig take care of this part. Autoconfig removes shitcoin pairs. It will only add the best performing coins to your configuration file. That, alone, sets us apart from anyone else… but that’s just the beginning.

Comes in four different flavours

Not everyone uses Windows or Mac

We understand that people have their preferred operating systems and architectures. That’s why you can run our software on all major OSs. We support Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi with the ARM architecture. Of course, Gunbot will run flawlessly on all of these, it comes down to personal preference. But, if you’re planning on using a VPS to run your bot… you’ll find that Linux instances are usually the cheapest option. If the thought of a Linux terminal screen intimidates you, click here. We have a rundown of the essential commands you’ll need to familiarise yourself with. This is also covered in the Gunbot School.


The closest thing to AI you’ll find in a bot.

This picture is how AutoConfig would handle a bag you’re stuck on. It would scan the Binance tickers every 15 minutes, changing the assigned strategy for any pair that has a below median volume and then assign the strategy “baghandler” to those pairs… how awesome is that?!
*(not available with the starter licence)

CCXT libraries

Your favourite exchange’s favourite bot

Gunbot is configured to work with the entirety of the CCXT library out of the box. That’s over 124 exchanges! We also support exchanges that aren’t listed. This brings our total up to 133 compatible exchanges. No matter where you trade, we will always try our best to accommodate you.

Marketplace Access

There’s no price better than free

How many other bots have their own Marketplace? This will be your one-stop shop for all things config related. If you’re a new trader and are looking for a working config to run while you learn the ropes, there’s no better place. Are you an experienced trader that has nailed a profitable config? You can sell this strategy for GUNTHY tokens or just give it away for free!

Telegram Integration

The same trades on the go

Create a Telegram bot with @botfather. Grab your token and link it to your Gunbot config. Why? because you can check:
  • Trades
  • PNL
  • Trading history
  • Account balances
  • Change settings wherever you are.
    You can also add/remove trading pairs, or Dr Gunbot’s personal favourite… setting up push notifications for your sells. I’ve set my Telegram notification sound to C.R.E.A.M by the Wu Tang Clan. So now I get dollar dollar bill notifications about my dollar dollar bills, y’all.


38 Confirming indicators

Unfortunately, elon musk crypto tweets aren’t on the list… yet

From ADX to RSI and everything in-between. Use these indicators alongside the 16 buy/sell methods available. 


Gunbot’s handling of Reversal Trading allows takes accumulation to the next level.
When the price shifts in the opposite direction than you’re currently trading… Gunbot will manage your position without investing more than your initial buy order.
It works by only selling your quote units at the price drop percentage you state. It then buys back using the funds from the previous order.
Gunbot follows market behaviour and repeats this process until the price hits break-even. It will then continue trading as normal.
We’ll keep your trading fees in mind through the process and apply them when processing the RT method.

We give you as many options to handle these volatile price swings as possible. This includes:
the number of times you allow Gunbot to place these DCA orders
the price difference between your buy orders while DCA is active
the triggers to kick in DCA.
Furthermore, the latter could be a a combination of
RSI range
price crossing down the upper Bollinger band
a percentage of price drop.
Of course, this could also be configured to use all those options before it’s activated.
As always with Gunbot, it’s all down to your personal preference and how you want it to handle situations.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say

After losing half of my money with the [company name redacted] bot, I didn’t want to trust any service that offered automation again. A crypto enthusiast colleague wouldn’t stop chewing my ear off about Gunbot. I read every review possible and (much to my wife’s anger) decided to buy the ultimate licence. I was blown away by the support in all the groups. I’m not going to lie, being new to trading it’s pretty scary having so many options to customise how you trade. With the help of the Gunbot School I managed to get set up with a basic, reliable strategy. I upgraded to ultimate after my confidence grew and 2 years later it’s still the best investment I’ve made… it even lasted longer than my marriage

“Dont really know what to say apart from thanks. Been a user for just under a year and im learning loads about trading and computers. Got it on constantly while im at work and im usually getting in trouble for checking my phone for how much i made everytime it pings with a sell notification lol. Thanks DrGunbot your a legend”






“If you’re on the fence about getting Gunbot – seriously. Just get it and thank me later. I’m a cybersecurity professional by trade which is why I was leaning towards Gunbot when considering my options for automation. Most people run it from the cloud, but the option to host locally on your own machine is my favourite feature. I also like the fact it encrypts my API keys so in the unlikely event my network is compromised, the attackers will be unable to make trades with my keys. I currently have it running 24/7 on a Raspberry Pi I set up just for Gunbot. Uses a tiny amount of electric and I’ve completely blocked incoming connections.”





“Big thanks to DOOM from They got me sorted quickly when I’d lost my private API key. I thought I’d lost the ability to trade without it, but he showed me how I can make another one. That was handy because I accidentally sent him the private key instead of my public one haha. He sorted me out, told me to create a fresh one, delete the other and advised to never share the private key with anyone. It could be used by a “man in the middle” to make trades against my will! Happy to recommend”








“I’m an electrician and was actually doing a job at DrGunbot’s house when we got started on talking about music and cryptocurrency when he jokingly (I thought he was joking… in hindsight he was probably serious) offered to pay me in Bitcoin. I spent all night reading up on what Gunbot could do and I was impressed by its capabilities. I have no trading experience whatsoever so it was good to be able to grab a config from the marketplace, leave it running on watch mode and see how those settings translated to real world trades. It’s helped me out that much that I might even let him pay me in Bitcoin if his electric breaks again.”



Are you as happy as these guys?

We hope so! If you’re a returning customer visiting us for a licence upgrade or Gunbot add-on,  we’d love to hear how you’ve found your experience so far.