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We’re here

You didn’t think we’d leave you to figure all this out on your own, right? 

Every member of our community has, at some point, been where you are now.
Let’s say you’ve just purchased your licence and are eager to get your bot set up. Well, first things first. You’ll have to wait for the GUNTHY token airdrop which we’ll process when we see your purchase on the blockchain. Once those GUNTHY hit your ERC-20 compatible wallet, your licence is officially active and ready to rock. But what if you don’t know your base from your quote? Your ping pong from your sup-res, or your VPS from your VPN?
That’s where the Gunbot School comes in. 

We’ll show you the way

With our dedicated, professional Gunbot School teachers

You’ll be up and running in no time. They will cover all the bases to get you set up and make your bot profitable, by offering one on one support. 
There’s no such thing as a stupid question in the Gunbot School. We know how daunting it can be to look at the mass amounts of customizable features Gunbot offers, but the Gunbot School teachers are Gunbot veterans with many years of combined experience. I have no doubt that they have ran into the same issues you’re facing, which is why they can calm any bot related anxiety you may be challenged with during set-up. This service will last forever and as long as you hold a valid licence, you’ll always be able to get your problem resolved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365.25 days a year. 

What is there to learn?

There’s a whole world of customization options.

Gunbot is easy to set up, easy to use, but to truly master the many features to tailor make your god-tier config and autoconfig files takes time and knowledge… Luckily for you, our teachers are Gunbot geniuses. The team is made up of Gunbot devs, beta testers and veteran traders that will effortlessly: quash any questions related to your bot, its features, capabilities and future projects. 

Active Users

Dedicated Telegram groups


Every Licence Includes

Lifetime Gunbot access

No subscriptions. Ever. Enjoy true automation 24/7/365 and join an exclusive club of Gunbot licence holders. There are currently over 10,000 of us pushing Gunbot to its limits on a daily basis. When we find that limit, we make Gunbot better and give it to you absolutely free.



Free configs from the Marketplace

Click here to check our marketplace out.
Marketplace is a new site where you can grab a tested,  ready-to-go config file made for the community by the community. Perfect for rookie traders, or if you make a great strategy that’s making you steady profit, you can sell it here



24/7 Telegram Support

With over 10 groups dedicated to each arm of Gunbot, you’re never usually more than a few minutes away from getting the help or support you need If you run into a brick wall when you’re setting up. The rooms range from absolute beginner all the way up to beta testing.



A full-time front & back end dev team

Gunbot is – and always will be, ran by the community.
We have a dedicated front and back end development team ready and eager to code any new features that are mutually agreed upon in our Telegram groups. It’s thanks to these agreements that we have many of the features we use daily.

Free updates for life

One purchase, no matter how small, provides you with lifetime updates to your new software.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve been with us since the beginning, or since yesterday. You’re covered with all licence types. 

No personal info... ever

If, like us, you’re privacy concious – fear not.
We will never ask for personal info that reveals who you are IRL. We don’t keep user logs, see your trades and we also offer a BTC checkout. 

The Gunbot school

 We all started out as noobs, which is why we created the Gunbot School. Every purchase includes exclusive access to help you cover all bases and set your bot up correctly by our experienced team.

Autoconfig Automation*

 Make Gunbot even smarter by dynamically changing your config file based on certain parameters.

*(only available with Standard, Pro and Ultimate licences) 




Join Us

The Gunbot School is just one of many groups you’ll have access to. They can help with literally everything, but if you want to learn about a specific feature like: Bitrage, Autoconfig or Market Maker – we have dedicated groups for them. Just send me a message on here or Telegram and I’ll get you added. You might even get help from Gunthar himself, the creator of Gunbot