Basic Gunbot Linux commands

Gunbot will run on all major operating systems flawlessly, but if you’re thinking about renting cloud space to make Gunbot run 24/7/365 without having your own computer or server constantly running – you’ll find that Linux Debian instances are vastly cheaper than their Windows counterparts.

Do i have to use this environment?

Absolutely not. If you don’t trust having your personal data in the hands of Google, Amazon or one of the many VPS hosting services – or if all this is simply too confusing, You can just run Gunbot on your Windows or Mac computer at home.

Can Linux be hacked?

Anything can be hacked with enough determination/coffee. Linux, however, is the industry standard for enterprise servers due to its open source infrastructure and security features. You should always exercise due diligence in regards to online security.


What are the benefits of using Linux in the cloud?

A lightning Fast connection time between Gunbot and your exchange.  A bot that is constantly active with a lower risk of disconnection – for example: neighbourhood power outage or someone accidentally unplugging your router.  


Will I ever be locked out of my instance?

While this is extremely unlikely, it is not impossible. The main reasons people lose access to their instance is loss of private SSH keys. Look after these like you look after your credit card. If this ever happens, change your API keys immediately and contact us. 

Learn about instances in the Gunbot School

Every Gunbot licence bought from DrGunbot includes access to the Gunbot school where, amongst other things, you will get one-on-one guidance in setting up your instance. This page is purely to give you a headstart and build your confidence with certain Gunbot Linux commands

Okay, let’s jump in to the Gunbot Linux commands


“ls” is short for list. If you’re in a directory (a directory is Linux’s way of saying folder if you’re Windows or mac minded) and you would like to see the files inside, simply type ls and it will show you everything inside the folder. It is also worth noting that all these commands are case sensitive. If you type Ls, you will be provided with a syntax error and the command won’t work. Sometimes you may not find the file you’re looking for which means it could be hidden. This is solved by adding a “flag” “ls -a”  


cd is short for “change directory” If, for example, you’re in your home directory and wish to move to your Downloads folder, you would simply type “cd Downloads” but if you wanted to return to the last folder you were in, you would type “cd ..” alternatively, if you wanted to navigate back to your home folder, you would type “cd ~” Where “~” means home.


mkdir is short for make directory and you’ll be using this command to make your folders.

For example, if I wanted to make a folder called Gunbot, it’s as simple as typing

“mkdir Gunbot”

to navigate to that folder, you’d just type

“cd Gunbot”

from the directory you created Gunbot in.

Did you misname this file? Uh-oh, lock your doors, the Linux police are on their way! You’d better change it with the “mv” command further in this page.


apt installs and removes programs from your instance and this command varies depending on which Linux distribution you’re using. If you’re using Debian or Ubuntu, you’d type “sudo apt-get install unzip” and the unzip feature will be installed. You only need this command to download “Unzip” and “Screen” Did you notice I typed “sudo” before the apt command? Sudo is the equivalent of running a Windows application with administrator privileges so is needed to add and remove programs (Use caution!)  


This one is pretty self-explanatory. Unzip will decompress your .zip files.After you’ve downloaded the install file from GitHub, it comes in zip form. Once you have uploaded this file by creating an FTP connection to your server (something you’ll learn in the Gunbot School) you need to unzip it. If the file is called, you would type “unzip”


mv is short for “move” and utilising this command works like so. Let’s say you want to move from your home folder to the Gunbot folder, you would type “mv ~/ ~/Gunbot/” You use mv to rename files too. To rename to, you would type “mv ~/Gunbot/ ~/Gunbot/” You’re safe from the Linux police now… you can breathe.  


Nano is short for… well…nano.  Basically, nano is a text editor that’s built into Linux Debian. Using nano will allow you to make on-the-fly alterations to your config file. To use it on your “config.js” file, you’d type “nano config.js” upon pressing enter, you’ll be presented with your config file in plain text. You can’t use you mouse to navigate through the file using nano, you’ll have to use the arrow/page up-down keys. When you’re finished editing, press “crtl+x” and then “Y” to save


rm stands for “remove” If you wanted to delete the file you moved earlier, you’d type “rm” But if your file was already unzipped or contained folders within folders, you’d add the recursive flag -r. If the unzipped folder you wished to delete was called Gunbot, you’d type “rm -r gunbot”  


Without ./ you don’t have Gunbot. When you’re ready to start the bot after utilising all the commands we’ve shown you here, you’ll cd to the directory you created with mkdir, ls to check you’re in the right folder and then start your bot… but how do you start it? Well, first of all, you need to make the gunthy-linux file executable (able to start as a program) to achieve this, type “chmod +x gunthy-linux” which marks the file as an executable program. Once this is accomplished, type “./gunthy-linux” and let the magic begin  


This is a very important command and where a lot of new users slip up. The Screen command makes sure that when you disconnect from your instance, your bot still runs in the background. Use the “sudo apt-get install screen” command to download screen. To start, simply type “screen” Press enter or space after the prompt, navigate to your Gunbot folder and start your bot! If you disconnect and want to return to the bot, type “screen -r”

Still Have Questions? Get In Touch!

It’s daunting, we know. Just remember that all Gunbot users were once in the position you find yourself in today. Please get in touch if you’re struggling.

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