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Dr Gunbot’s bots

The Gunbot GUI, console and Telegram alerts… you’ll find them all here.

Allow us to properly introduce you to Gunbot.

On this page, you will experience nearly everything the end user has access to.

From the console output to the Gunbot GUI and ending with the Telegram alerts… you’ll see it all live and in sync with each other for the first time.

You can play around inside the Gunbot GUI to your hearts content. The only things that are disabled there are access to sensitive info or the ability to upload your own javascript…

We’ve been on the internet long enough to know human nature 😉

Turn your phone to landscape mode for the best experience. We also suggest incognito mode on desktop if you’re experiencing errors on this page. Certain extensions like “Dark Mode” have the potential to affect the console window.

The console output

The console is where the magic happens and where Gunbot’s roots lay. You can always securely access this on your home PC, Mac, Pi or Linux machine.

We love Linux here at Dr Gunbot, so the console output you see below is ran from our Linux server. Don’t forget – you can learn about Linux on the special “Linux Commands” page we have prepared for you.

In the console, you will see something called the “Grid” flash up every now and again. This contains all the relevant information for market conditions. The scrolling list you see is Gunbot letting you know if those conditions are going to make a good entry or exit point.

It will also ***display text in asterisks***  to let you know it’s performing an action

Autoconfig edit

Could you change ^that^ “DU_BUYDOWN”?

If so, congratulations, you’re officially 1337!

In the past, you may have read old reviews about Gunbot that say it’s not user friendly user friendly. Some also saying it’s difficult to use due to the fact you have to edit JSON.

Not anymore!

While I may have agreed with you a few years ago, the same could not be said today. Editing configs in 2021 is now as easy as punching in numbers and flipping sliders.

Long gone are the days when a missing or misplaced “, “” { } or :” would render your JSON invalid.

Once you’ve punched those numbers and cranked those switches, magic happens. Gunbot’s amazing GUI will write all the tricky stuff in with perfectly valid JSON.

As we grew, more and more people from different walks of life joined our community. It was clear that not everyone had coding experience, so we adapted. That’s the beauty of Gunbot… it’s run by the community. If something’s not right – tell us and it gets fixed.

The Gunbot GUI

We’ve been patiently waiting for this beauty. If the community wants something made, they get it!

As previously mentioned, all the Gunbot segments you see here are in perfect sync with each other and are performing live trades right in front of your eyes.

The Gunbot GUI window you see down there is TOTALLY interactive.

It’s not a picture. Have a click around and see how much power you have at your fingertips.

Easily edit configs, autoconfig, perform advanced TA, set up alerts, add and remove exchanges, change strategies, add trading pairs, check your PNL, see with your own eyes where Gunbot will be selling the coins you hold and how it handles it. The list goes on.

But what about the negative ROE?

If you’re only seeing red in the pair column, fear not! These are “bags” (calm down, Aussies, not those bags) Gunbot is currently processing. As it’s using high leverage (100x) you may see the negative ROE reach 50%… this is normal for leverage this high. This particular instance is also configured to sell at stop-loss after hitting a certain percentage. Thankfully, you can check the telegram alerts further down to show actual overall profit. Once a certain percentage of loss is recognised by Gunbot – it handles them like a boss with advanced risk management. This could be with a “Double up” strategy, “DCA” or “Reversal Trading”

The profitable trades with this current configuration are programmed to sell for 25% profit (displayed as 0.25% in the Telegram alerts due to the 100x leverage) and usually come and go very quickly. Don’t take my word for it, though, the results are right in front of you! The Telegram alerts lower down this page also show you the time the orders were placed, risk management trades and the resultant gains.

*This Gunbot GUI is hosted in Central Asia. It may be slow to start depending on where you’re located*

Telegram Alerts

And now we come to the final piece of the user experience… that is, of course, if you don’t count all the Telegram groups you’ll have access to.

Telegram alerts are a fantastic way keep track of your trades when you’re out and about. If you’re after a quick peek into what your bot is up to, you’re just a notification away.

It saves time connecting via SSH to your console. It also means you don’t have to load the Gunbot GUI in your browser. The latter is usually used for keeping an eye on the more advanced features of Gunbot.

If you’re only interested in finding out how much you just made, or what pairs are being added… Telegram alerts are a great way of achieving this. Even if you did want to edit bot settings while you were checking your trades, that’s easy too. All it takes is a command as simple as /start for a screen to pop up allowing you to add or remove pairs or stop your bot.

Demo Mode

Here, you’ll see rapid trades on very aggressive settings. I’m trading on a futures account with 100x leverage using 15m candles. As the trading limit is so low (a modest $10 per trade) the profit may look small – what’s important is the percentage and frequency of these gains.

It goes without saying that you could apply any trading limit you can handle to this configuration and see the same frequency results.