BitRage cleans up the mess made by exchanges and it was created for one purpose:  Exploiting anomalies in the price difference by implementing triangular and quadrangular arbitrage opportunities.

Ever wanted to trade crypto without the risk? BitRage makes that a reality when crazybitch mode is engaged.


Using a bot to exploit the exchanges… Isn’t that illegal?

A valid question, but one with a simple answer.
You have to keep in mind that this trading technique has existed in the traders arsenal for decades. Over those years, the exchanges have become wise to the arbitrageur’s tricks and made it harder and harder for them to accomplish this in stock markets. But we’re crypto traders. Stock market rules don’t apply to us – so you can take that difficulty level and put it on boss mode!

Prices can fluctuate wildly within split seconds, so imagine trawling prices for hours, finding an opportunity and going to execute the trades… only to find that the prices have already moved and the arb opportunity has dissolved. Soul destroying, right?

…Absolutely soul destroying

If you try to out-trade a bot you’ll lose 100% of the time

Gunthy products don’t operate like humans. The exact second those price differences are recognised by BitRage – the trades are already made. Even if you were staring BitRage’s terminal screen when it found an opportunity, by the time your brain had processed the 3 green indicators alerting you to a possible trio, the trades would have already been executed and profit locked in.
The weakest link when trading in this day and age is, and for the foreseeable future, will be the human speed factor. Until Elon Musk perfects Neuralink, the race between thinking and doing will always be won by the robots. They don’t sleep, they don’t get distracted, they can read and interpret data faster than the smartest scholars and the only food they eat is consumed while they’re working.

Should I look to accumulate fiat or alts?

There’s no need to manually hedge your funds with BitRage.

It literally takes the  flick of a switch to enable hedging. In doing so, instead of only looking for BTC, USDT opportunities (or any base currency for that matter) BitRage will switch to the most logical base currency depending on the market conditions.

For a rough example: Let’s say Bitcoin is valued at $11,000, you had 1.0BTC in your wallet and set BitRage to look for BTC arb opportunities – but the pSar indicator detected a huge dump was incoming… it would sell all BTC for USDT. Let’s say that BitRage caught that dump and sold at $10,000 then price crashed to $5000 (in our dreams right, but this is just an example) then the pSar detected bullish momentum and switched your 10,000USDT back to BTC. That action alone would have just netted you 1BTC bringing your total wallet balance to 2BTC and doesn’t even include the arbitrage opportunities it could have found as it was riding that dump.


Every Licence Includes

Lifetime Gunbot access

No subscriptions. Ever. Enjoy true automation 24/7/365 and join an exclusive club of Gunbot licence holders. There are currently over 10,000 of us pushing Gunbot to its limits on a daily basis. When we find that limit, we make Gunbot better and give it to you absolutely free.



Free configs from the Marketplace

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Marketplace is a new site where you can grab a tested,  ready-to-go config file made for the community by the community. Perfect for rookie traders, or if you make a great strategy that’s making you steady profit, you can sell it here



24/7 Telegram Support

With over 10 groups dedicated to each arm of Gunbot, you’re never usually more than a few minutes away from getting the help or support you need If you run into a brick wall when you’re setting up. The rooms range from absolute beginner all the way up to beta testing.



A full-time front & back end dev team

Gunbot is – and always will be, ran by the community.
We have a dedicated front and back end development team ready and eager to code any new features that are mutually agreed upon in our Telegram groups. It’s thanks to these agreements that we have many of the features we use daily.

Free updates for life

One purchase, no matter how small, provides you with lifetime updates to your new software.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve been with us since the beginning, or since yesterday. You’re covered with all licence types. 

No personal info... ever

If, like us, you’re privacy concious – fear not.
We will never ask for personal info that reveals who you are IRL. We don’t keep user logs, see your trades and we also offer a BTC checkout. 

The Gunbot school

 We all started out as noobs, which is why we created the Gunbot School. Every purchase includes exclusive access to help you cover all bases and set your bot up correctly by our experienced team.

Autoconfig Automation*

 Make Gunbot even smarter by dynamically changing your config file based on certain parameters.

*(only available with Standard, Pro and Ultimate licences) 




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BitRage is just one of many exciting bots that our community decided should be brought to fruition. Our full-time development elves are always working tirelessly on the most cutting edge ideas that were created, by the community, for the community.