"AutoConfig": {"enabled": true}

AI Trading doesn’t exist. Autoconfig does.

Can your “AI” trading bot sniff the markets, candle history & tickers?

You would hope so – they’re trading bots.

Can it then auto add the most profitable coins to your trading list?

Not likely. 

Be wary of automated crypto trading services that claim to utilise artificial intelligence.
Are you buying it direct from a major banking conglomerate? Did your supplier buy the source code from JP Morgan for billions of dollars?

The “suppliers” you’ll see advertised online are snake oil sellers. Automation does not mean AI & trading bots are not a get rich quick scheme.
They are pieces of software that only execute your buy and sell orders… and they only do this once the specific criteria you specify passes all the filters. 
While we may not have AI, we do have AutoConfig.

remove pairs

Auto-remove less performing pairs from your current configuration. Autoconfig will auto-set a strategy to handle the resultant bag.

Dynamic configurations

After you set it, there’s no need to touch anything. The important changes are auto-updated into your configuration with perfect, valid JSON.

uptrend check

Scan exchanges for coin pairs in a 12 hour uptrend and automatically start trading them.  If better pairs are later realised – they’re replaced. 

Stick it in autopilot.

Autoconfig is 100% configurable to your needs.
It works by dynamically tuning your settings to your specific requirements. It doesn’t only have the ability do this if the market swings against you either. Let it change all this for you under certain market conditions… at stated times – by implementing cron jobs.
When configured, it can result in mind blowing results such as:
  • managing your risk exposure
  • scanning exchanges to add/remove lesser performing pairs from your config
  • auto-hedge for when you want to switch between accumulating FIAT/ALTS
  • change the exchange delay
  • process bags
  • advanced DCA
Read through the AutoConfig wiki here.
Fake “AI” trading bots fell short of the mark(ets) the very moment Autoconfig arrived on the scene.
AI trading bot

Smart market scanning

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You’d think a dedicated crypto bot should automate every aspect of your trading.

Most don’t even come close to what you can achieve with AutoConfig.

Why would you spend your time traipsing through ticker data? Historical candlesticks? Checking market conditions for uptrends on the pairs you’ll be trading that day?

Let Autoconfig do all the time consuming work for you!

Focus that attention on family or friends because you can sit back & relax. Let AC find, select and put only the most profitable pairs to work. Show me an AI bot that can do that.

Shareable setups

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The Gunthy Marketplace is the official shop for your config and autoconfig files.

There are plenty of free setups that incorporate Autoconfig. Made a custom configuration that’s making your life easier? Why not help others achieve more profit! You have the ability to upload, sell or give away your configs back to the community.


Dedicated Telegram Group

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The AutoConfig group makes up one of over ten Gunbot Telegram groups you’ll have access to. In the AC group, you’ll find beta releases of AC features.

Stay informed and see what it can achieve.

Join a community of people that thrive on helping people push Autoconfig further.


Don't code? Don't worry!

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Everything gets sniffed and located. Checked and selected. Added and removed and verified then uploaded by AutoConfig. Long gone are the days when a missing
  • comma
  • parenthesis
  • colon
  • quote
from your config would render your code useless. As more and more people from different backgrounds joined Gunbot…
We made changes.
These changes made it easier to use for people from all walks of life to enjoy Gunbot. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with editing javascript configurations. Every part of the code has its validity checked. It’s then uploaded and utilised to make the end user’s life easier.

How can I get it? 

Autoconfig is only included with the Standard, Pro and Ultimate licence details (sorry starters. Click here for an upgrade!)
There are a ton of advantages to our higher tier licences, some of which being:

    • AutoConfig access
    • TradingView alerts
    • Backtesting
    • Futures Trading
    • More API slots
    • All confirming indicators
    • All trading strategies
    • Reversal trading
    • DCA
    AI Trading bot